Canadian Chiropractic Association Intern Opportunity

Canadian Chiropractic Association – Chiropractic Intern Opportunity


Every year, the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) hires 1-2 fourth year CMCC interns to work at their national office in downtown Toronto. Hours required are usually two 8 hour days and duties may include administrative tasks, support for advocacy, research and communication efforts, various writing assignments, project collaborations, and attendance at meetings. As a chiropractic intern, your role is to provide insight into the functions of a national professional association.


“What led me to this position was my interest in learning more about our governing associations. At CMCC, we are primarily exposed to clinical practicum. There were times when various governing associations such as the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) and the Canadian Chiropractic Association were mentioned, but their responsibilities and actions were never highlighted. I became interested in learning more about these associations, which led me to this position.”

–Adrian Chow


“The CCA internship was of interest to me because I wanted to gain insight into other aspects of the chiropractic profession. The advocacy side of chiropractic is a passion for me and I was excited at the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals. The CCA internship is an excellent opportunity for fourth year interns to gain experience and to contribute their expanding knowledge on the research in the profession to propel chiropractic forward in Canada.”

–Julie Yaworski


As a CCA intern, you get to see the details of various ongoing projects, interdisciplinary collaborations and how the association is working to advance chiropractic utilization in Canada. You function as the liaison between the elements of clinical chiropractic and public perception, making sure that mentioned information falls within our scope of practice. In addition, you have the opportunity to network with prominent and leading figures within the chiropractic profession. You are congruently representing the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the clinical aspect of chiropractic by demonstrating an understanding of the chiropractic profession, the chiropractic scope of practice, and the up-to-date research surrounding chiropractic.