Q. What is the difference between the Student Canadian Chiropractic Association (SCCA) and Student’s Council (SC)?

A. The Student’s Council represents the students’ interest at the college and helps facilitate communication between the students, faculty, staff and community members. The SC looks over student clubs and organizations, plans social and athletic events, as well offers support and guidance to the individual classes’ grad funds and noteservice programs.

The SCCA is an organization at CMCC but is not a “club” and so acts independently but along side Students’ Council. The SCCA also represents the students’ interest at the college by acting as the national student voice of Canadian chiropractic students to all organizations including the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and its Chartered Members, like the provincial member divisions (e.g. OCA).

Q. How do I sign up for an SCCA membership?

A. As students at CMCC everyone here is automatically a member of the SCCA and contributes to
membership fees as a part of your tuition. It is about $25 a year of the $21,000 tuition.

Q. What are the benefits of being an SCCA member?

A. In exchange for membership, the SCCA holds monthly meetings with the main purpose of informing SCCA members on any relevant CCA activities. These meetings involve guest speakers who come in to share their expertise in all sorts of areas relating to current student issues and ideas. We also provide free pizza and refreshments during meetings. The SCCA also hosts the annual boat cruise for 1st years during their orientation week and coordinates a BBQ with the OCA.

As an SCCA member, you are entitled to membership discounts (you can ask Greg to put a link to the membership discounts from these words).

Q. If I’m interested in running for a position on the SCCA, how do I get involved?

A. Elections for the 1st year representative position occur during the Thursday of the Orientation week. Elections for positions on the high school outreach, international and provincial representative committees occur during October and elections for Executive positions occur during April/May of the school year. For more information regarding positions, please contact us at scca@cmcc.ca

Q. Does the SCCA offer internship opportunities to students?

A. No. However, we are the student chapter of the CCA which offers an internship position to a CMCC student every year. For further inquiries, please contact us at scca@cmcc.ca

Q. Is the website the only way to keep updated on SCCA events/information?

A. We have a facebook page which you can "Like" in order to keep updated with current SCCA events!

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