Provincial Rep Week & Tim Horton’s Day

Last SCCA Tim Horton’s Day for the school year!


And with an added bonus, this week is Provincial Rep Week! This is a fun opportunity for you to learn more about your province/territory. The provincial reps have worked hard to bring information about their province to the student body via posters! So, this week, we will be having a vote on the most informative and decorative poster!

This Wednesday, April 10 from 10am-1pm, the SCCA Tim Horton’s Day will be taking place, where we have the posters present for YOU to see. On the other days of the week, you can find the posters on the second floor in the stairwell nearest the clinic.

So, take a look, learn about your province, and VOTE! Polls will open on Monday and close on the Friday (April 8-April 12).

There is no criteria for voting. Vote for your province, vote for the poster that is most informational, or vote for esthetics of the poster! Use your own criteria.


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